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by Heidi Schreck


Performing at The Side Project Theatre, 1439 W. Jarvis Ave., Chicago IL


Runs October 23 through November 7

Opening night is Saturday, October 24


Preview: Friday, 10/23 

Saturday 10/24, Sunday 10/25,

Wednesday 10/28, Friday 10/30, Sunday 11/1,

Wednesday 11/4, Thursday 11/5, and Saturday 11/7

All shows at 7:30pm


Tickets $20

Preview ticket $15


             Set in England in 1401 but told in a modern style, Creature is loosely based on the life of Margery Kempe. Margery has been tormented by visions of the Devil for the better part of a year but now, after seeing a vision of Jesus, she has decided to become a saint. Her husband is unconvinced by her new found asceticism, the village priests have all given up on her, and her own housemaid thinks she's possessed. Can Margery’s saintly ambitions be trusted? Creature explores the nature of faith and identity with “simplicity, contemporary zing and lyrical flights of startling loveliness” (Time Out New York).


Directed by Bec Willett


Starring Liz Davis, Addison Heimann, Leslie Hull, Brian Hurwitz,

Neal Javenkoski, Katherine Lamb, and Eric Leonard


Stage Manager - Jacob Manos

Production Manager - Morgan Crouch

Lighting Desinger - Bailey Rosa 

Costume Designer - Delia Ridenoour

Sound Designer and Composer - Joe Palermo

Production Assistant - Elisabeth Heying

Marketing Assistant -  Stephanie Litchfield

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Dustin Bui

Timothy Elrod

Chris Lamb and Annamarie MacLeod

Erika Napoletano

David Prouty

Kristin Schoenback

Katie Smith

Alexander Valvassori

Beth Copeland

Jordan Epstein

Edward Marks

Laura Nessler

Fred Rasio

Michael Singer

Rachael Smith

Zo Zosak

Taylor Cox

Ethan Krupp

Erika Morey

Paul Pasulka

Colin Reeves

Robert Sixsmith

Sandra and Jeremy Stobbs


'Recommended' by Newcity Stage

Creature is less allegorical than it is simply personal... As the conflicted Margery, Lamb is alternatingly fierce and docile. Her meaty scene with fellow mystic Juliana (Leslie Hull) is among the play’s best and most focused moments."

Photo credit: Tom McGrath

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