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Featuring short plays by 

Tamar Brooks, Kalena Chevalier, Annemarie Friedo, Josh Hepler, Kimberly Kolarich, Ethan Krupp, Autumn McGarr, Conor McShane, Christopher vanDer Ark, and John Weagly



Performing at The Den Theatre, 1333 N. Milwaukee Ave., Chicago, IL


May 20-22

Friday at 7:30pm,

Saturday at 7:30pm,

and Sunday at 3pm and 7:30pm


$15 suggested donation


Curated by Artistic Director Katherine Lamb


Directed by Victoria Apodaca, Brad Bartolo, Ryan Bruce, JC Farris, Ben Kaye, Kristina McCloskey, Scott Merchant, Chris Owens, Richard Paro, and Bec Willett




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Gloria Alvarez, Nathaniel Andrew, Dwight Brown, Javier Carmona, Michael Chancellor, Kirsty Collins, Alexandra Cross, Morgan Crouch, Anneilis Cunningham, Laurie Curnes, Keli Delane, Jeff Dolecek, Emily Dyer, Laura Elliott, Sara Gianola, David Guiden,  John Ham, Christina Hughes, Casey Kells, Loredan Krug, Ana Martinez Medina, Nathan Mireles, Cassidy Rose Morey, Chris Mueller, Taylor Murphy, Bobbie O'Connor, Colin Reeves, Brady Richter, Tricia Rogers, and Jasmine Scott

             A night of brand-new, wacky, tender, wonderful, rib-tickling short plays by Chicago area playwrights! Featuring 10 playwrights, 30 actors, 10 directors, and 1 hot dog stand.


             With the ubiquitous hot dog as a connecting thread, THE HOT DOG STAND turns our everyday lives upside-down and shakes out a merry-go-round of extraordinary characters and remarkable events that remind us of the joy of the unexpected.

Photo credit: Dolly Nguyen

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